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-About this project-

I started this project on 3 february 2019, age 46.

I just take a picture of myself. This project will be ended when i am dead. The goal is to see the progress in style of clothing, the aging process and the overall composition of the photo.

The idea is very simple, first i try to find a nice background for the photo and then i set the self timer of the camera to 10 seconds. Then i take 3 steps from the camera and thats it.

I have mounted a mini tripod on the back of my bike so it's easy and fast for me to take a picture, also i carry a tripod with me for the place where i can't use my bike.
As the project was in progress within the first few weeks i thought this is a pretty fun project because it seems to be a nice idea to do this till the day that i will die.


24 Oktober 2019 - Changed the archive page with now 50 pictures on a page, also changed some link buttons.
9 April 2019 - Changed the layout and the website have now 10 images on a page and i also added the date that the photo was taken.
17 February 2019 - Changed the layout.
3 February 2019 - Started the website.


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With a creative hello,

Gerard Raatgeep